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Why am I running for Congress?

Why am I running for Congress?

Why am I running for U.S. Congress instead of the local school board?    Because I am a victim of our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's corruption.    While working as an engineer, I was replaced by an H-1B (the corrupt program that she supports) after being asked to train my own replacement.    But it's not about me.    I have seen it happened many times before to my American colleagues.    Since she entered Congress, she has destroyed the lives of millions of American citizens through her corrupted program.     To the American IT professionals whose lives have been destroyed by the H-1B program, I understand your feeling.    I am on your side and I am running against her.

Dan Rather's No Thanks for Everything -- How American Workers are Being Replaced by Foreign Guest Workers

American citizens are forced to train foreign guest workers before they are being laid off to be replaced by foreign guest workers.    Not only that, American citizens are being discriminated in America.    You can see how American law firms are training companies to legally discriminate against American citizens openly.

Lawyers Teach Corporate America How to Discriminate Against American Citizens

IT Workers File Law suit claiming H-1B workers replaced them

Why does a Congressman/Congresswoman actively support a program that discriminates against American citizens (his/her constituents)?   Professional American IT workers give the H-1B the acronym DYOG (Dig Your Own Grave) and Who is behind this government-sponsored scam here in the U.S.A.?   Who else but our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.

Jim Crow In Silicon Valley Exposed (Please see one of the testimonials below)

She seriously violates the civil rights of American high-tech professionals.   Reverend Jesse Jackson, the former presidential candidate and one of America's foremost voices in the civil right movement, spoke out against the H-1B program that she is sponsoring.

I agree with him that the program is harmful to American citizens and undermines diversity at American workplaces.    He is calling an end to the corrupt H-1B program and I support his position.

Visa Fraud Committed by Outsourcing Company

While the discrimination, the fraud, and the abuses are going on, our local politicians like Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren looks the other way because she benefits financially from it.    She is loaded with political contribution money from companies that favor the importation of the cheaper foreign labor.

It raises serious question about conflict of interest. I’ve lived in her district for decades and the only actions that I have seen from Congresswoman Zoe Logren so far is to either selling her constituents out to multinational corporations by replacing American workers with the H-1Bs or pandering to the illegals at American taxpayers’ expense to get votes. She is an embarrassment to her constituents.

Zoe Lofgren’s Political Contributions from special interested groups on

Each day she remains in Congress, she undermines the trust in the U.S. government and the values that it stands for.  

Regarding qualifications, I have worked at a number of jobs from working as a janitor in my high-school years, a cook at McDonald during college years to support myself, a software engineer, an entrepreneur, a college professor Evergreen Valley College, and now a medical doctor-in-training.   I know how hard the working and middle-class American citizens work.   I know the struggles of the American middle-class.   I am on your side and I can represent your interests much better than Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, a career politician who hasn't held a real job in her life and whose salary depends on American taxpayers' support, but she chooses to sell her constituents out to multinational corporations and the 0.001%.   Known as Queen H-1B, she is clueless regarding the struggles of American middle-class.  Her sympathy with the struggles of the American middle and lower classes and IT professionals is as real as Queen Marie Antoinette of France's dream of being a peasant girl milking cows in her beautiful hamlet at a corner of Versailles palace.

I find the idea that our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren representing the American people of California Congressional District 19 hilarious.    You don't have to take my word for it.    Just ask her staff, even her staff says she is only cares about the "big shots" of Silicon Valley (see one of the testimonies below).    If you are her constituent and you are an average Joe or Jane, she is going to throw you under a bus.    

Philosophically, I agree with most of Senator Bernie Sander's ideas 

"Sanders wants to expand Social Security, take America to a single-payer European-style national health system, invest massively to restore America’s crumbling infrastructure, make public college tuition free, get rid of “starvation wages” for workers, tax Wall Street trading, end America’s wars, and break up banks that are too big to fail."

Having lived in Paris in the 1990s, I have experienced first hand how the European-style national health system and social services work and I like them much better than what we have in the United States.    I can see the pressing issues in education, high-tech, healthcare, as someone who have had the real-life experience in each of the areas.    My life experience is much more varied and extensive than hers and I can see things through many perspectives.   A voice that speaks for a lower and middle-class American citizens is what the U.S. Congress desperate needs.    Having lived through Communism in Vietnam and then arrived in America as political refugee with no money in my pocket and without a word of English, I worked my way through the American public school system and then Stanford, I know that it's like to start over in a foreign country.    Not only that, compared to her, I have international experience.    Besides growing up in Asia, I have lived and worked in Europe as a local and traveled all over the world and I have the opportunity to compare and contrast the social programs in Europe that serve the public much better than what are available in the U.S.    In many ways, I am more qualified than her to talk about the issues that matter to the working and middle-class American citizens.   I do think that the American people, particularly the people in Silicon Valley, deserve much better than what has been done by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren in the last 26 years.   Her 26-year of pandering to the multinational corporations and the 0.001% has been a disaster for the American middle-class and American I.T. professionals with wage stagnation and job insecurity via her H-1B program and the disappearance of manufacturing jobs in America.    

And please don't believe a word of what Zoe Lofgren says about fighting corruption in Washington.   Crooked Lofgren is an open-bordered cheap labor Corporate Democrat.    American professionals have given her names as Queen-H1B, Corporate Prostitute, Corporate Puppet, the Madam of Congressional Whore House -- all of these names scream corruption.   Asking her to fight corruption is like asking Al Capone to fight the gangsters, it's a joke.  By the way, she has had 26 years in Washington to fight corruption and guess what?   It's as corrupt as ever.

Crooked Lofgren is an open-bordered Corporate Democrat.  She has a very long history of supporting bad behaviors.   Here are some of the examples.

1.  She voted for the War in Afghanistan -- the longest War in American History.   So far it has cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives with nothing to show for it.   It also triggers the Refugee crisis into Europe in 2015.   

2.  Her American constituents, especially I.T. professionals, are being treated by her like third class citizens (behind the illegal aliens and the H-1Bs) or a commodity to be sold and discarded like a used toilet paper to the cheap labor lobbyists and multinational corporate interests.    While she puts the lawbreakers on the pedestal to worship, she is throwing American citizens (including many veterans and their families) under the bus .   She is laughing all the way to the banks while we are suffering from unemployment.   

3.  She voted to bail out the banksters in 2008.   The bankers that caused the financial crisis that leads to home foreclosures, personal bankruptcies, and collapsing 401Ks.

4. Her NO vote on Ms. Kate Steinle's law and her excuse for Ms. Bambi Larson's murderer is a slap in the face to their families and other American families whose members are victims of horrific crimes committed by the illegal immigrants.

5. Her support for Judge Aaron Perksy in the Stanford rape case (a Stanford Caucasian male student was charged with attempted rape of an unconscious woman of Asian descent behind a trash can) is an embarrassment.   Imagine if the victim was a Caucasian Stanford female student who is a daughter of a local billionaire high-tech mogul, would Zoe Lofgren still support the judge  Luckily for us, the voters disagreed with Zoe Lofgren and removed the judge from office.

7.  Lofgren is making excuses for the bad behaviors of high-tech companies who knowingly violate users' privacy and even much worse behaviors.   Have you ever heard Lofgren expressing any concern about Facebook taking money from the Russian secret service to manipulate the 2016 Election?   Nope.   She is loaded with money from these companies.   American professionals call Zoe Lofgren the Corporate Prostitute/Corporate Puppet for a reason.

8.  Etc, too numerous to list.  

As an American citizen, I demand to be heard and there is no better way to get her constituents' attention is to run against her.    I am running to give voice to Americans whose voice has been silenced, suppressed, and oppressed by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.


I am running to give hope to a new generation of American STEM (Science and Technology) workers.    There is hope and justice for them in America.

I am running to give the pride and dignity back to American citizens who have been insulted with labels such as "lazy and stupid" by the people who knowingly violating American laws with the complicit approval of a corrupt politician like our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.

I am speaking out and I am asking for your support to send Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren to the unemployment line in 2020. Together we can do it.   

Let her taste her own medicine.    Better yet, if she has any sense of responsibility, decency,and self-respect, she should resign herself from Congress because she is harming American citizens, particularly her constituents.


I am hardly the only one who believes Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is terrible. These are the voices from Americans across the nation who expressed their views about her on the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Hill, San Jose Mercury News, etc. in the comment sections of the articles that mentioned her name:

Congress Knows the H-1B
Submitted by Anonymous on June 15, 2011 – 17:04.
On March 31 of this year the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the H-1B where there were no employers but citizens who had been harmed by the H-1B were allowed to speak.
Zoe Lofgren who has a long history of helping employers replace Americans with cheap foreign labor was there. It must have been uncomfortable for her to listen. As least that is the impression you would get from a marvelous picture of her at

Lofgren and others know exactly what harm the H-1B does to Americans. They just care more about their campaign contributions. A Harris Poll in 1998 found that 82% of those surveyed were opposed to the H-1B expansion bill. Backers adopted a stealth strategy to pass the increase. Members of Congress, in a couple of incidents of rare candor, admitted that the H1-B legislation was purely because of the industry’s campaign contributions. Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) remarked,

“Once it’s clear (the visa bill) is going to get through, everybody signs up so nobody can be in the position of being accused of being against high tech. There were, in fact, a whole lot of folks against it, but because they are tapping the high-tech community for campaign contributions, they don’t want to admit that in public.”

Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), said,

“This is not a popular bill with the public. It’s popular with the CEOs…This is a very important issue for the high-tech executives who give the money.”

Bottom line: Congress knows the Harm from the H-1B. They just choose to lie about it.

The most important thing to note from both Thibodeau’s article and the Nelson’s commentary is that they heard Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) mention that she is in the final stages of introducing some type of instant green card legislation. All American workers, especially those in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) as well as health and education professions should consider this a RED LEVEL ALERT that something bad is brewing on the worker importation issue.


Lofgren always runs away from me when I tell her that I might bring a TV news crew down with unemployed Berkeley and Stanford STEM graduates.  I told her that I was thinking of having Americans replaced by H1Bs standing in a soup line served by H1Bs. 

Lofgren's staff privately told me that she is more interested in the Silicon Valley "big shots" instead of her constituents.  Lofgren knows EXACTLY what is going on as she was an immigration lawyer.  

04/27/2012 11:01 AM


While the national unemployment rate currently hovers around 9.1% the number of African Americans without jobs has soared much higher.

According to a recent CBS News report unemployment among African Americans has reached a national average of 16.2% while black males are experiencing an even higher divide at 17.5% of the population currently without jobs.

While the national average offers a scary divide, NYC has experienced the worst of a weakened economy with 34% of black men from the ages of 19 to 24 currently unemployed and 42% of teens currently not working

BY AFRICAN AMERICAN on 06/21/2011 at 16:49

joyceck  a day ago

As a 25 year veteran of silicon valley I held every job from entry level programming to Chief Technical Officer. We cannot continue with this H1B policy. too many Americans are being barred from employment in STEM / IT industries. There are 1.5 billion people in India take the top 1% of smart people that's 150,000,000 people half the population of the US that's not a viable policy decision. Companies in the valley have been fined for not hiring each others personnel because there have been no raises for 5-10 years. With a 6 year H1B visa companies can hold onto these people without raises or any risk of losing them to other companies. The millennial generation of which I have two sons are not getting jobs, that is a fact. One has committed suicide over this. There is no training or career path any longer in this industry because it has become a plug and play mentality when it comes to engineer.

angry veteran

your town42m ago

So what do we say to a disabled American veteran who finds himself competing for jobs with H1B visa foreigners, with the H1B getting the spot because he's not disabled and will work longer for less?

What do you say to 95% of Americans who have no service, no immediate family members who serve or have served, who think they are patriotic when they patronizingly thank us while reminding us of a distant dead uncle or cousin who served, while openly discriminating against us disabled vets with a smile?

FEXXNIST Aug 7, 2019 @ 11:58 am

Hey Zoe Lofgren, You hang around with local executives that engage in discriminatory practices. Make us a favor to the voters of Santa Clara County, RETIRED NOW! We need people who really care about the people’s pain and and their struggles in this highly corrupted county. Oh yes. You were opposed to the Recall Persky! You only care about your political career and your elite friends and colleagues. YOU ARE A BIG TIME B!TCH ZOE LOFGREN!

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