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A Rape Case in San Jose, Bambi Larson, Kathy Steinle and My Aunt

I was a refugee and I was supportive of immigration to the U.S. until one day I was hit with a reality-checking event.

In 1994, 5 years after I became a naturalized American citizen, I was summoned by the Santa Clara County Superior Court to serve as a juror for a case.    The defendant was a 36-year-old illegal alien who was charged with raping an eight-year-old girl, also an illegal alien in the U.S..     The incident happened in broad daylight at Prusch Park at the corner of Story and King Road in San Jose.    I would spare you the graphic details of the case.     During the 2-week trial, a security guard, a doctor, a nurse, a counselor, policemen were brought in to testify.   Based on the evidence presented, the verdict was  “We, the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged.”    As I was sitting there in the jury box, I said to myself that justice needs to be served, but the same time, I was shocked at how much money and resources our legal system and society were wasted on the problems that are caused by illegal immigration.    Not only do we have to pay for these expert witnesses to testify against him, we have then to pay for his long-term imprisonment.       Hundreds of thousands of American taxpayers’ money was wasted on this case.    The problem is caused by the “sanctuary city” policy and our local politicians who intentionally ignored American immigration law.   If both the perpetrator and the victim were deported earlier, it wouldn’t have costed the American taxpayers that much money.

Earlier this year, Bambi Larson, one of Zoe Lofgren's constituents, was brutally murdered at her home:

"Carlos Arevalo-Carranza, a 24-year-old undocumented immigrant with a trail of arrests and attempts by immigration authorities to get police to detain him, entered the home where Bambi Larson, 59, lived alone with her cat and an aging yellow Labrador retriever. There, according to police, he stabbed Larson to death, leaving her body covered with blood on the bedroom floor."

Did we hear Zoe Lofgren expressing sympathy to Ms. Larson's family who is her constituent?   Nope.    The only thing Zoe Lofgren did was making excuse for the murderer.   As a medical doctor, I find her excuse of mental illness and methamphetamine use as the cause of the murder dubious.   If it was true, psychiatric hospitals or any college would be full of dead bodies since methamphetamine is widely abused at college campuses and even high school.    The students take methamphetamine to increase energy and concentration during exam times.    The main reason for her excuse of the murderer is that Zoe Lofgren has been bought by the multinational corporations and the cheap labor lobbyists who want to have a cheap source of labor from the illegal immigrants.

Zoe Lofgren, Mike Wasserman, Dave Cortese, Susan Ellenberg, Cindy Chavez have blood on their hands for the murder of Bambi Larson.

“And some of the policy makers, they sit behind iron gates. They have protection. They make the rules for the rest of us,” said Collman. “And I can tell you that my friend was a very law abiding human being. She trusted those rules. She followed them. She thought they were keeping her safe. And they failed her." -- Diane Collman is a local author and friend to South Bay homicide victim Larson.

"Santa Clara County officials literally murdered San Jose resident Bambi Larson. Larson was 59 years old and murdered in her home, alone, by El Salvadoran citizen Carlos Eduardo Arevalo-Carranza (an illegal alien) when he attacked and killed her with a 7-inch knife. Carranza was convicted of several violent felonies, held in county jail six times, and placed detainer requests on by ICE each time. His felonies included assaulting a police officer, robbery and gang activity. However, Santa Clara officials refused to call ICE to have Carranza picked up and rejected the ICE detainers due to their sanctuary policy."

I moved to Paris in 1997, my aunt who lived there since the 1940s often invited me over for lunch and dinner at my cousin’s house.    Sitting on the balcony with a view of the Eiffel tower, she told me of the stories of Paris over the years and I was completely raptured with her stories.    She introduced me to the Paris of the Parisiennes, of famous Americans in Paris, and of the Vietnamese who arrived in Paris over the century when Vietnam was under French influence.     She was also the one who often sent my family boxes of medicine when we were living in Communist Vietnam.    After the release of my parents from the prison after a failed attempt to escape from Communist Vietnam, my parents were forbidden to work due to their political viewpoints, my family relied on the boxes of medicine that my aunt had often sent so they could resell the medicines on the black market to survive the years living under Communist Vietnam.    A couple of years after I left Paris, I learned that my aunt had been murdered by an illegal immigrant.     I was shocked and overwhelmed with grief.      There are a lot of similarities between what happened to my aunt and Ms. Larson.    They were both women of certain age who lived alone.   They didn't go to "No-Go" zones, they were murdered in their own houses which are located in a very safe, upscale neighborhoods.   Their murderers were arrested because of the cameras (unlike the lies that the advocates of the sanctuary cities).   The only differences between the two cases are there is no sanctuary city in Europe and the European politicians are not corrupt like our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren who is making excuses for the murderer that make you feel like being slapped in the face.  My aunt's murder didn’t happen in the U.S., it was in Europe, but with that experience I can certainly relate to the pain and suffering of the families of Ms. Bambi Larson and Ms. Kathryn Steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco 2015 while strolling on Pier 14 with her father enjoying the night.   Well, if you went out, you would be murdered like Ms Steinle, but if you stayed at home, you would be killed by an illegal alien entering your own house in a very safe neighborhood (Palo Alto-like in case of my aunt's -- I am saying this because if people in rich neighborhoods like Palo Alto who support illegal immigration and who think that they are safe from being murdered by an illegal alien -- they are WRONG).    Zoe Lofgren didn't see a problem with it.   I disagree with her,  I strongly feel that the politicians who support illegal immigration had failed both of my family, Kathryn’s, and Larson's.     They need to be held accountable.

Kathryn’s and Larson's cases are only 2 of the thousands of similar cases that are occurring regularly in the U.S.     On August 20th of this year, Nicolas D. Guaman, 34, an illegal alien who was drunk behind the wheel, struck Matthew J. Denice, who was riding a motorcycle. Denice, 23, was dragged a quarter-mile and died as a result of the crash.    Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis said in a statement that if Secure Communities were in place, Guaman could have been identified by ICE as illegal and possibly deported after one of his previous arrests.

Read more:

Once again, Congresswoman Lofgren voted against "Kate's Law."   Her NO vote is a slap-in-the-face to the American families who are victims of violent crimes committed by the illegal aliens.    She also voted NO on the bill targeting sanctuary cities.    The idea of a "sanctuary" city to provide an illegal alien a safe way to report crimes is phony at best.   If you think about it, the "sanctuary city" policy is actually a self-admission of the huge crime problem within the illegal alien communities because if a crime happened elsewhere; other people would have noticed it and it didn't need an illegal alien to come forward to report it.   If the crime is known only to an illegal alien, it must have happened within the illegal alien community.    "Sanctuary city" policy makes a city less safe because it attracts criminals to town who think that they can hide without fear of being deported.    And it costs American taxpayers plenty.    San Francisco is an exhibit A of the insanity of sanctuary policy.    American taxpayers who live in San Francisco should demand that the $190K the illegal alien demand for enforcing American immigration law be paid from the salaries of the lawmakers in San Francisco who support this insane law (even better, it should come from our own Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's salary since she supports it).

In the rape case above, the defendant raped the 8-year-old girl in his car in broad daylight at the Emma Prusch Park at the corner of Story Road and King Road in San Jose, the security officer there noticed something fishy was going on in the illegal immigrant's car and he called the police over to take a look.    As for my aunt's case, the criminal was trying to use her ATM card to withdraw money and his face was captured by the video camera at the bank that allowed the police to track him down.   In either case, there was NO illegal alien coming forward to report the crime as suggested by the "sanctuary city" law.   

To the Democrats in California Congressional District 19, if you want President Trump to win again in 2020, continue voting for Congresswoman Lofgren who is putting the law-breakers on the pedestal to worship them at the expense of law-abiding American families.   I would have voted YES on both bills.



I am hardly the only one who believes Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is terrible.       These are the voices from Americans across the nation who expressed their views about her on the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Hill, etc. in the comment sections of the articles that mentioned her name:

krvonl at 11:34 AM June 20, 2011 Their parents should have thought of this problem before they crossed the border.  This is no different from people who have children without first figuring out how to support them.  The parents made a decision, and their children will suffer for that, unfortunately. 

Reply Report Abuse   11 at 11:38 AM June 20, 2011 Oh, don't worry. Zoe Lofgren and politicians like her have solutions to that problem, too.  They're called "free school lunches" and "WIC vouchers."

Ms Larsen’s death is not the first of this type in California, be it murder or violent crime, The “Sanctuary City” policy has claimed too many innocents —citizens and legal residents alike. There is innocent blood on the hands of those who support this inane, shameful policy. It must be erased from our codes.

SCOTT LARGENT Apr 3, 2019 @ 5:14 pm

Bambi Larson’s friends and neighbors speak up at Board of Supervisors meeting 03.19.2019

Sad that the taxpayers in San Jose (Santa Clara County) are not protected from these types of criminals that are pretty much allowed to hide in plain sight in our community. They ride the “coattails” of the Homeless / Mentally Ill and we just sit back and watch our community turn into “Somalia” or an episode of the “Walking Dead”….

I could go on and on about who is to blame but it makes me realize that the finger points back to ourselves. We have elected a bunch of Muppet’s in Santa Clara County that have allowed this place to turn into a third world country.

Zeezladon  Johnny Frankman  8 months ago

To me, the mark of a true professional is someone who can admit they made a mistake and then correct it. Hopefully, Chief Garcia is such a man. I would hope that Mr. Newsom is as well, but his actions thus far say no. As far as Rep. Zoe Lofgren is concerned, forget it.

'Zeezladon  Dexter Hatter  8 months ago  edited

I have given up on the Democrats and no longer vote the ticket.
Both Mr. Newsom and Rep. Zoe Lofgren should be made to look at the crime scene photos.

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    • FEXXNISTMAY 27, 2019 AT 5:09PM

      Zoe Lofgren should focus on local corruption in SANTA CLARA COUNTY. She has been part of this local corruption by giving a deaf ear to complaints of local residents about police departments, attorneys, judges, and other public official corruption. She is part of this local corruption and has done nothing to make law enforcement accountable for their sexual scandals and active pedophilia. Make this county a favor Lofgren; RETIRED!