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Economy and Job Creation

The U.S. is currently in an economic crisis.    Surprisingly many of the factors that contribute to this crisis are self-inflicted.    From the economic collapse of 2008 due to the unregulated banking sector to the abuses of the work programs for foreigners, our citizens have suffered tremendously because of our politicians’ greed.   For decades, corporate America has bought politicians like Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren to pass laws that favor the outsourcing of American jobs overseas and the importation of cheap foreign workers via numerous visa programs such as H-1B, B-1, J-1, etc into the U.S. to displace American workers.    Each of the programs is full of shocking loop holes, fraud, and abuse that allow corporate America, foreign governments and corporations, even terrorist groups to exploit to the detriment of the American public.    The flooding of illegal immigrants also suppress wages and worsen the working conditions for American workers at the lower end.    Today, no job in the U.S. is immune from these government-sponsored programs that sell American workers to corporate America.    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is one of the worst.    She is so bad that people call her our Queen H-1B.      

11 Arrested, Indicted in Multi-State Operation Targeting Visa and Mail Fraud

I fully support canceling these programs in this time of economic crisis.    I believe that tax law and corporate loop holes that favor the outsourcing of American jobs overseas need to be removed.     Imported goods from American companies that manufacture overseas need to be taxed upon entering the U.S.     The VAT (Value Added Tax) should also be imposed on all services performed outside the U.S.    The European Union has implemented this 20% surcharge VAT in order to prevent the outsourcing of jobs to cheaper countries.   I think the VAT should be apply not only to the services performed outside the U.S., but it should also be applied to work performed by foreign guest workers such as the H-1Bs inside the U.S. as well so corporate America won’t be able to use it to import cheaper workers into the U.S. to replace American workers.  I like the proposal by Mr. Warren Buffet regarding the import/export credit that helps to balance our trade deficit with foreign countries.    Importers need to buy credit from American exporters in order to sell foreign goods in the U.S.  I also support major infrastructure projects such as high-speed rail that provide much-need jobs in the short term and boost America’s competitiveness over the long term.


I am not the only one who believes Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is terrible. These are the voices from Americans across the nation who expressed their views about her on the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Hill, San Jose Mercuy News, etc. in the comment sections of the articles that mentioned her name:

Here is a testimonial from a Democrat about her.    To the Democrats out there who are thinking of voting for her because you are in the same party.     Think TWICE unless you enjoy being stabbed in the back by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.

Betrayal of the US STEM worker
Submitted by US IT worker on February 1, 2011 - 23:47.
I am a Computer Programmer, one of many who are now unemployed, and I was wondering if you could tell me what the US STEM worker did to the Democratic Party to cause the Democratic Party to betray us so badly.

Many of us have voted for Democrats our whole life. But it seems that the Democratic Party is on a full course hostile assault on the US STEM worker. I was wondering why. The Democratic Party used to support working people, but it appears to me that the interests of working people and immigrants, both legal and illegal, often are in conflict, and many in the Democratic Party are lusting over the possibility of these new voters voting for Democrats.

In addition, many in the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama, are doing every thing that they can to displace US STEM workers in favor of cheap labor from India. Millions and millions are unemployed and in his State of the Union Address, Barack Obama indicated that he wants more cheap labor from India. Recently, Barack Obama created two new posts in the Federal Government, a CTO and a CIO. Barack Obama appointed two Indians to those posts. The CTO, Aneesh Chopra, has ZERO technical background. His sole qualification is that he is a child of two Indian immigrants. The CIO, Vivek Kundra, has a history of hiring Indian H1B body shops to perform government IT work, displacing US STEM workers. How can Barack Obama have any idea of the needs and concerns of the US STEM worker when he surrounds himself with people with a background of working against the interests of US STEM workers?

I was wondering what the US STEM worker had done to cause these hostile assaults on the careers of US STEM workers. We created a technology that changed the world. We are the greatest scientists, engineers, and mathematicians that the world has ever seen, but yet due to programs of the Democratic Party, many US STEM workers have been displaced by cheap labor from India.

We supported the Democratic Party only to be betrayed by the Democratic Party.