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Crisis at Border

Since last year, more than 50,000 unaccompanied children, many of them as young as 3-year-old, have crossed the border into the U.S.     It’s a humanitarian crisis.     The reason they are doing so because of what the Obama administration and particularly our local Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren have been saying about the “Dreamers” and granting illegal children legal residency.    Their words are spreading like wildfire in Central America.     It’s no wonder why the U.S. border is now flooded with unaccompanied minors.

She is turning our border agents and American taxpayers into babysitters.    The "Dream Act" sponsoring by her, it sounds to me more like an America’s nightmare.

“Catching illegal aliens is part of the job,” he said in an interview. “Processing is part of the job. But babysitting is not part of the job, and that’s what a lot of the agents have been doing.”

Border Centers Struggle to Handle Onslaught of Young Migrants

In my opinion, we need to make sure the children are safe, feed them, and then send them on the next planes out to their countries.   Unless the people there see the returnees with their own eyes, they still believe in the rumor.   Pretty soon, we are talking about millions of unaccompanied minors flooding our border not just from Central America, but all over the world. 

Then send Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren the bill, she needs to take responsibility for her words and actions; in her years in office, I haven't seen any accountability or responsibility from her.    I am sure she can afford it, she is loaded with money from multinational corporations and cheap labor lobbyists who want a cheap source of labor.     

On the recent deportations, our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren said on the Washington Post:

"This was an announcement to send a message to Central America: Don’t come here,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif. “But if your mother, your father and your brother have just been murdered, the message is not going to do it and that is the problem.”

I don't know the specifics of the case that she is referring to, but based on what I have been reading on the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc.     The people are being deported because they fail to claim refugee status in the U.S. and the American Immigration courts have founded their stories not believable; there was no truth to their stories and there weren't any evidence to support their claims.   Thus their claims for asylum status were rejected.    

According to this article from the Christian Science Monitor:

"Mr. Cabrera says Border Patrol agents recognize a familiar pattern among new arrivals from Central America. He says they appear to have been coached on how to make a claim for asylum. To do so, they must demonstrate they have a credible fear of persecution or severe mistreatment if returned to their home country."

They’ll tell you three or four times their story and all their stories are cookie-cutter stories,” he says. “I’m sure there are quite a few bona fide asylum cases, but when you hear the same story 100 times a day word-for-word exactly the same way, you start to doubt it after a while.”

Cabrera says the smugglers and their clients are exploiting a loophole in US immigration policy. He calls it a new version of “catch and release.”

Basically they are economic migrants masked as refugees.  They have been coached by the human trafficker to say certain things to the American authorities and the U.S. immigration courts didn't find their stories credible.   If the stories aren't true, then why our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is telling us as such?    She is acting more like a mouthpiece for the human trafficker to tell us stories that are lies.   It's no wonder why human trafficking is a multibillion dollar business along the U.S. and Mexican border.    

Either Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is extremely gullible to believe in the concocted stories by the human smugglers as told through the child illegal migrants or is it part of her lie and deception to deceive the American public on the issue so she could pandering to the illegal immigration groups such as FWD.US after accepting their political contributions?

As you already know, as a political refugee myself, I support the refugee program fully, but I do not support people abusing it by filing false claims.     If the people whom Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren was referring above are indeed economic migrants pretending to be refugees as founded by the American Immigration courts, she is doing a disservice to the American public and even the true refugees themselves long term by repeating such lies because the refugee program will lose the support of the American public if abuses are rampant.   I lived in Europe and I have seen the outcome of such abuses.    Countries that were once opened to the refugees such as Sweden are now closing its doors because economic migrants are making false claims in order to gain refugee status.    As a matter of fact, let me remind her that as a government official, she should make sure that the refugee program isn't abused.     By allowing people to make false claims and then allowing them to say would send a really bad message to the whole world, the next thing you know is that millions of people will come in because they believe that they can get away from it with impunity.     This is what is happening to Germany right now and they are starting to deporting the ones that fail asylum claims in drove.      There is a lesson to be learned there.

Is there a gang problem in Central America?    Yes, there is, but it doesn't mean that we should blindly accept anyone fleeing Central America as refugees.    Germany even told Afghans that 80% of the Afghans seeking refugee status in Europe will be returned since they they are economic migrants and not qualified as political refugees.    The Afghans have more valid reasons to seek refugee status than the children from Central America, especially our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren made a mess of their country by voting for the Afghan war that created instability in this region.    Just last year, Germany had spent more than $10 Billion dollars to help the incoming refugees.    The Europeans should send our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren the bill, she is the one who is creating this mess by voting for the Afghan War.     For sure, there is an active war in Afghanistan and it's more dangerous facing the Taliban than a bunch of gangsters.    There is no war in Central America and according to the American immigration judge Mark Metcalf, fleeing gang violence doesn't qualify as refugee:

The U.S. law Metcalf is talking about is the 1980 Refugee Act that grants asylum to any person who can't or won't return to their country "because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion."

As Metcalf interprets it, these migrants are fleeing crime, which is affecting "all people in a particular country," and are not being targeted because of a characteristic that they can't change about themselves.

If fleeing crime becomes grounds for asylum, he says, every "barrio" in Latin America would empty out into the United States. "We'll have a very difficult time being able to say no to any person who claims to flee a country because of criminal conditions," Metcalf says. 

Judge Metcalf is right.    If we base on our law on Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's interpretation of the law, then not only every "barrio" in Latin American would empty out into the United States, but almost every single "barrio" from Asia and Africa would qualify too.   When is it going to stop?     By just granting refugee status to Central Americans on the basis of criminal conditions while denying the same thing from people from other countries whose claims to asylum are much more valid by fleeing war, is the United States practicing discrimination?      I would like to point out to Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is that by international law, the refugee must apply for the refugee status either in the country of origin (this is the case with my family, we were granted refugee status while still in Vietnam - the U.S. Embassy flew its staff from Bangkok to Saigon to interview us) or at the first safe country that he/she reaches (which is the case with the majority of the Vietnamese Boat people).     Australia now automatically denies every refugee who arrives at Australian soil and ships him to another Pacific nation because Australia isn't the first safe country that he/she reaches, thus the refugee already loses his refugee status.   The refugee must have passed by Singapore or Indonesia (safe countries) before reaching Australian shore.    On this basis, the Australia government has recently defended that the Vietnamese Boat People in Australia were doing the right thing by applying from the refugee camps in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong. (Thank you the Australian government for pointing this out).   

The Central Americans must have pass via Mexico (a safe country) before reaching the United States.   By not applying in Mexico or their countries of origin (unlike Vietnam before 1997 -- there is an American Embassy in their country for them to apply), they have lost their case for a refugee status consideration under international law for refugees.    The same thing is happening in Europe which just signs a deal with Turkey -- Europe would accept Syrian refugees only from refugee camps in Turkey.    Everyone else who made it to Europe would be automatically deported and their asylum claim rejected.     Overnight, the number of arrival daily has dropped from the thousands to a single digit.    The multibillion dollar human trafficking business in Turkey collapsed due to the deal between Europe and Turkey.    We need the same thing here in the U.S.    

Not only that, her blind support for the economic illegal immigrants from Central America is creating a new generation of gangsters in American inner cities and Central America in 20-year time.    She is perpetuating the cycle of gang violence in both the U.S. and Central America by pandering to a particular group of people.

According to Latino U.S.A,

Most of the gang problem in Central America originated in the U.S., particularly in Los Angeles.   The gangsters were the refugees from Central America who settled in Los Angeles in the 1980s.   Instead of going to school and becoming law-abiding citizens, these youngsters turned to violence and gang.     The desperate poverty, the cultural alienation, the hopelessness are still here.    Actually, it's getting worse than it was in the 1980s.   Her policy of pandering to the 0.001% has make American inner cities much worse economically.    The income gap between the rich and the poor in the U.S. has expanded greatly since the 1980s.   Compared to other industrialized nations, the U.S. is ranked last in social mobility.    If you are born poor and in the lower class, you are much more likely to be able to move up the economic ladder if you were born in Western Europe than in the U.S.A.   The terrible condition is the recipe for what motivate someone to join gang.    What makes her think that this time it will turn out differently?    By blindly accepting economic refugees from Central America, she is supplying a fresh source of new recruits for gangs, particularly the MS-13 gant in the U.S.    In 20-year time, someone else has to fix the gang problem in the U.S. that she is creating right now by deporting gangsters back to Central America. 

"In the Washington region alone, at least 42 young people who crossed into the United States by themselves have been involved in MS-13 violence over the past three years, The Post found. That includes 19 charged in connection with slayings or attempted slayings and four who were killed."

MS-13 gains recruits and power in U.S. as teens surge across border, Washington Post, June 17, 2017

There are quite a few similarities between the illegal immigration in Europe and in the U.S.    At least in Europe, politicians know their countries' limitations that cannot absorb a huge number of people coming in.    People are being deported promptly if they fail asylum so the system doesn't break down.    Refugee burden is shared among districts with different resources.   Richer districts are also being asked to take in more refugees than poorer districts.   In the U.S., there is no such thing.   Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren sent out a wrong message to Central America by supporting the Dream Act that has created an rumor in Central America saying if you are a minor, you can violate American immigration law without fear of deportation.   It's no wonder why hundreds of thousands have flooded into our Southern border.  Not only our school systems are overwhelmed with the influx at the cost of at least $12,000 per child annually; poorer school districts across the U.S. like San Jose Unified are taking in and paying more of our share.     We can send these kids to Palo Alto where Mr. Mark Zuckerberg who supports illegal immigration lives.   He just want cheap labor for his nannies, gardeners, and engineers at Facebook.   Yep, I know that Mr. Zuckerberg doesn't send his children to public schools in Palo Alto, but I am sure some of his neighbors in Palo Alto need the public schools.    Hopefully they will stage protest in front of his house.   Never underestimate the greed of a billionaire.   Meg Whitman who could afford American nanny and butler for her children, but she chose to hire an illegal immigrant to save some bucks.   It was discovered during her campaign for governor of California.    If it's not OK for Palo Alto, then why is it OK to send the children to much poorer school districts like San Jose Unified School?    Isn't it a form of discrimination?    

My cousin who lives in Fairfield near Sacramento complains to me all the time whenever we meet.   He says that the child migrants from Central America is taking over his children's school and due to the shortage of funding, regular programs at their schools face severe cutback in order to provide help these child migrants.    His children's school used to be a high-performance school, but now with the influx of the child migrants, it has become a low-performing school because the school district is dumbing down the curriculum in order to accommodate the low-proficiency of the child migrants.    And he told me he is going to vote for Trump.     Yeah, Mr. Trump is a nasty jerk but at least he is addressing the concerns of the American middle and lower classes regarding the issues of illegal immigration and the H-1B visa among other issues that actually address the concerns of American middle class.     The other parties completely ignore the issues and every time someone mentions the issues that need to be addressed, he is accused of being racist, xenophobe, and intolerant.    I agree with him.    

You can count on Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren to be one of these politicians who completely ignore the wishes of the American middle and lower classes.      She was the worst of the worst on the illegal immigration and H-1B issues.    She is responsible for the rise of Trump if he became the President of the United States of America.    You don't have to worry for my cousin and I (I am NOT going to vote for Trump NOR Hillary -- I will leave my ballot BLANK on the presidential candidates); we have survived the Communists -- we will survive President Trump if he became the President.    Personally with the sell-out, the corruption, the lies, deception and duplicity from Zoe Lofgren, I think the changes that Mr. Trump will bring to America is a breath of fresh air (even when he himself is contaminated) -- Donald Trump is like an irradiated pill for cancer -- it's very toxic, very dangerous for your body, it will cause a lot of harm to your body but it also kills the cancer cells in your body to help you become healthier after the treatment.    Another framework that you can think about why American people are voting for Trump is Dante's journey through the Inferno.    Along the way, you would meet couple who had an incestuous sexual affair, rapists (even if you think Trump himself is a rapist), murderers, etc.   But at the bottom of HELL is actually a corrupted politician.    So all of the horrible people you've seen along the way were still better morally than a corrupt politician in the eyes of Dante.    You may not read Dante and you may not even like him.    But he is the one that signals the beginning of the Italian Renaissance and with it the new chapter for the Western world.

I am sure the same thing is happening in San Jose school districts.    The poor has to pay for the cost of illegal immigration while the rich gets away from it.     Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is representing the areas where the children of San Jose Unified School district live and instead of speaking out, she is throwing the American children in her district under the bus who now have to share their limited resources with the illegal immigrants.    On my watch, I will insist that the richer districts take in more refugee children than the poorer districts like in Europe before I even consider granting these children refugee status.    Because the rich has to pay for the cost of illegal immigration in Europe, there is less support there for illegal immigration.   In the U.S., only the poor and the middle class pay for the cost of illegal immigration while the rich benefit from it with a cheap supply of labor.    The poor and the Middle class in the U.S. have to work multiple jobs just to survive and to compete with the flood of illegal immigrants, they are too tired to complain about it.     Moreover, with the bought-out politician like our local Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren that supports illegal immigration that benefit the 0.0001%, it's no wonder why the United States has a huge problem with illegal immigration.

Compassion for American children in her district from Zoe Lofgren?    Not really, she just throws them under the bus.    And she doesn't have compassion for child immigrants either.    We now know that the child migrants in the U.S. are being exploited for cheap labor and sexually abused at American foster homes because the system is overwhelmed due to the large number arriving each day.    The U.S. Health Department decided to relax its screening procedures for foster care.    This is quite shockingly irresponsible on her part, you can listen to the story on KQED.

At Least Two Dozen Child Migrants Abused in American Homes after Vetting Procedures Relaxed


I am not the only one who believes Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is terrible. These are the voices from Americans across the nation who expressed their views about her on the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Hill, San Jose Mercury News, etc. in the comment sections of the articles that mentioned her name:

minh z

 manhattan 13 hours ago

Well Mr. Cohen, DT also brought the issues of ILLEGAL immigration, free trade that isn't fair trade for the US or its citizen workers, and other issues that other candidates did not. And he seems on the side of the average citizen voter, unlike your anointed candidate HRC, the elites choice.

I'll take imperfect with the right set of issues over slick, ineffective in US job creation and bad in judgment, especially foreign policy, any day. When she was Senator from NY she helped Indian companies to either outsource or replace US workers with H1B visas, earning her the title "Senator from Punjab."

She'll do worse as President. I'm voting Trump.


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Why is immigration a laughing matter?


I just don’t get it. Why is immigration supposed to be funny?

Is it because of the more than 10 million illegals we have in this country? The size of the problem is immense and growing.

Is it because of the open door to drugs, crime, violence and terrorists? People suffer from this problem daily. People’s lives are being ruined.

One way nations protect themselves is by controlling who and what passes across the border. In other words, we try to keep out bad people, disease and contraband. As of now, we effectively have a huge open gate and no effective control over who or what comes into the country. Already, Al Qaeda has figured out and used our southern border to sneak in people. The encroachment of Mexican crime into the US is well documented. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that an open border is an invitation for undesirables and smuggling.

Waves of illegal workers in this country cost money and create local problems. In the longer term, these workers have ‘anchor’ children who become US citizens which makes the problem much more complex and difficult. As time goes by, fixing the immigration problem will become more complex and painful, not less.

Millions of people went through the legal process of immigration and are now being penalized for it. In other words, it undermines the legal immigration system. Many families with legal immigrants also have to cope with pressures to bring in illegals. And the illegals are subject to unspeakable abuses.

Normally, one would think that Zoe Lofgren would have an understanding of all of this. She practiced law as an immigration attorney for a while. She’s also chairman of the House committee on Immigration. Unfortunately, Zoe thinks this is all a big joke.

So, I guess immigration is a serious topic. But since Zoe Lofgren and her Democratic friends do not wish to fix the problem, she must make fun of it.

It is time to retire Zoe Lofgren so that someone with the proper vision and experience can help to solve the problems she’s allowed to fester. 


 NY 5 hours ago

This the human toll of Obama's appeasement of Big Ag and Silicon Valley elites looking for cheap labor under the guise of immigration reform. Democrats have sold out the poorest American workers and needlessly created a humanitarian disaster in border states with their incessant talk of "pathway to citizenship" (amnesty). 

Texas just announced a surge to confront the wave of illegal immigration, I'm sure Arizona is next. Looks like the states need to do what our federal government refuses to: seal our ridiculously porous border.

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 Mooresville,NC 9 hours ago

My anger is starting to rise at quite a rapid rate. Where, in the name of God, is all the attention to American children? We have children here, especially African-Americans, that are poverty stricken, some who have been trapped in a cycle that has occurred for generations. Remember them? Where is the deep concern for them? Where is the demand for money to address this? Legislators, whatever party they are, have ignored this for decades. We can find no money to help them get out of poverty. NO ONE fights for them. The NYT has produced article after article this year to help Americans understand the problems of the parents and children of illegal immigrants. If these are supposed to increase the support of illegal immigrants, you and Washington have made a tremendous mistake. I worked for 30 years trying to fight poverty, especially in the inner cities, and we saw the money for it drop every year, whether the President was a Democrat or Republican. Funding for public housing, Section 8, food stamps, job training, a decent education, everything has been cut year after year. Food shelves, food stamps and lunch at schools are necessary to feed the children. Class sizes continue to rise. No funding for this. But, it is illegal immigrants that have broken the law that matter more. They broke the law. But, rewarding them with billions for this is ok, care and concern for their future is more important than citizens. How about we see the same fight for billions for our children?

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 Maryland 10 hours ago

Something foul is going on in this country. It's as if reason and common sense have been abandoned and its place some sort of pathological altruism. 

I open the NY Times and I read one nonsensical story after another. An 80 year old nickname is deemed offensive because a small group claims it's offended. Now children stroll up to our borders from hundreds of miles away after our President refuses to enforce immigration law due to political expediency. These children are fed, clothed and taught at great expense to the taxpayer. When they don't like the food given, the authorities rush to change the food to their liking. One report I read claimed that children are being reunited with adults who are themselves in the country illegally. When asked if there is a mechanism to check the immigration status of those coming forward to claim the children, a government official responds, "No".

I guess this a natural result of a country that has abandoned the rule of law and is more concerned about feelings. God help us.

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Josh Hill

 is a trusted commenter 
11 hours ago

These children were sent here illegally by irresponsible relatives and it is costing us a fortune to deal with teach and ever one of them. Meanwhile, many American children are struggling with food insecurity and homelessness. Conditions here seem clean and safe, particularly compared to what they went to while getting here. Imagine, letting little children make that dangerous trip unaccompanied.

It's obvious that Obama's decision not to deport children and the proposals for immigration reform have encouraged parents to risk their children's safety in the hopes that they will be allowed to stay, and the Administration's ridiculous response to this has only reinforced that, guaranteeing that more children will come.

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 Australia 1 day ago

Come on Roger you keep churning out this emotional claptrap about Australia when the policy is the most humane and effective way to solve the boat people problem. Blood on our hands. Rubbish. After your horrific experiences in Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan you should not dilute the meaning of real horror. About 1200 drowned between 2009-2013 before the policy changed but you carry on about 3 people that have died in detention. What about the 5000 drowned in the Mediterranean. You know that on Manus Island and Nauru inmates are free to move from the camp confines and that healthcare and amenities are good. It is not clear why this man died but you have used it to riff of on your crusade. I know you have extensive contacts with the Australian refugee lobby network chief amongst which is our national broadcaster the ABC which has become a green-left agitprop group churning out these stories. You would also know that Oz has one of the highest refugee intakes per capita. The Vietnamese boat people were almost airlifted from camps in Malaysia and HongKong after they were found to be refugees. The vast majority of the boat people are economic migrants who destroy their papers. Europe and US are going to have to take similar tough action as the problem causes unrest. Australians by a vast majority support the tough policy and you slander the country by your constant rehashing of the cruelty narrative.

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