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Fundraising - Environmentally Friendly Way

I went to Antarctica in 2005, seeing up close how the mountains of ice melting was one of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen.     With global warming, the melting would accelerate.    I was curious to see how the map of the United States of America would look like when all of the ice in Antarctica would have melted.    Here is a map of it from National Geographic.    You can see from the map, most of California’s Central Valley would disappear.



With that in mind, I am quite an environmentally conscious person.    Unlike our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren whose idea of fund-raising means taking the money from multinational corporations and then throwing our American high-tech professionals and American veteran families who work in high-tech under the bus, you can help me defeating Zoe Lofgren in 2018 by donating recyclable soda cans and plastics.    

When you have gather enough in a big plastic bag, send me an email ( and I will pass by your house to pick it up.    I am working with some locations around the 19th Congressional district where you can also drop them off for me.    It’s an environmentally friendly way to fund-raising.   By defeating Zoe Lofgren in 2018, you are helping the environment as well.

This idea came to my mind when I remember my first job in America was working as a janitor for my own high school in the summer of 1984.   I was working alongside a Mexican-American man who actually didn’t support illegal immigration  at all (unlike the myth that many in the Democratic party wants you to believe that all immigrants who come south of the border support illegal immigration).    He told me that illegal immigration lowers his wage and employment prospect.    He was collecting recyclable soda cans and bottles for sale.  By defeating Zoe Lofgren, I am fighting for him too.