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Fund Raising - Local Activities

I am also available for local activities.   If you want to eat the same Vietnamese dishes that President Obama ate on his recent trip to Vietnam as featured in “Anthony Bourdain:  Parts Unknown in Hanoi,” 

I can organize a trip to local Vietnamese restaurants where you can taste the same dishes and other Vietnamese dishes with me as a guide.   

By the way, most Vietnamese here told me that the Vietnamese food in San Jose is much better than what is available in Vietnam. Basically you are going to have the same dishes as President Obama’s but better.

Send me an email to    If there is a group of 10 people or more, I probably can organize a local trip to Vietnamese restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly to the Vietnamese restaurants in Congressional 19th District.     Higher priority is given to the people who live in the district since I want to get to know my constituents.