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Fund Raising - European Trip

I am starting to raise money in order to defeat Zoe Lofgren in 2018.      With that in mind, I am partnering with a travel agency in Paris to organize a European trip. 

The reason I want to plan this European trip is that I notice that in recent years, London has become the 1st stop for American politicians in the presidental races.   From Mitt Romey in 2012 to Scott Water, the results have been very embarrassing.   Even the presidential candidates of the 3rd party Gary Johnson's knowledge of international affair is shockingly ignorant when he was asked about Aleppo.   I am not running for President (I am not qualified), I am running against Zoe Lofgren to defeat her in Congress.   But my knowledge of international affairs far exceeds of these presidential candidates.    For sure, I know more about international affairs than Zoe Lofgren or any other candidates out there.    I was born and grew up in Asia and I have also lived and travelled in Europe extensively and I have relatives living there since the 1950s.     Hopefully my trip help the people who join the trip to understand not only the Europeans and their cultures but also how the U.S. is viewed overseas and how Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's vote on the Afghan war has created a refugee crisis for the Europeans and why her bailout of American banksters are hated by the Europeans among other issues in U.S. Congress that have a big impact in other countries.

Even if I defeated Zoe Lofgren in Congress, I will continue to keep this travel program going for the reasons mentioned above.   Not only that, I will use the fund raised for this trip to fund a scholarship for students in the 19th Congressional District to spend a semester in a European capital such as Paris, London, Berlin.    Or for those who want to learn about French culinary tradition, perhaps overtime maybe in 20-year time frame, the 19th California Congressional District will have some of the best bakeries, restaurants in the whole U.S. due to my effort.     After 20+ years of Zoe Lofgren in Congress, the only thing that I've seen for her years in Congress is an aggressive panhandler/beggar at every single traffic light in the 19th Congressional District.

Currently I am planning a 2-week trip next year and maybe also in 2018.    The first week we will spend in London and Paris, the 2nd week will be spent in Italy.     I’ll accompany you the entire trip.    We will have professional guide tours with us (Vietnamese tour guide available for Vietnamese speakers).     I’ve been to London at least 10 times and I lived in Paris in the 1990s and come back to it often enough to say Paris is my home-away-from-home.     I studied Italian in college and have a deep interest in Italian culture and art and visited the country many times.   Besides the professional guide tours in each city (London->Paris->Venice->Florence->Rome), I will take you to my favorite places in each city.  We will see the most stunningly beautiful art ever created, sit in a cafe frequented by Hemmingway, attend a classical concert, etc.      Unlike the European packaged tours that stay in hotels far from city centers, we will stay in centrally located hotels where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the cities where we will visit.   There will be free time to shop and just to relax unlike the other packaged tours.    Since there will be a lot of walking, it would be best if you are OK with it.    I will post more details as it become available.  

I may also organize a trip to Southeast Asia visiting Angkor (one of the world's architectural wonders) -> Bangkok -> Singapore -> Bali and other locations in Southeast Asia if there is enough interest in it.   

If you are interested in traveling with me, please send an email to    I will post more details on it as it becomes available.   First-come first serve and priority are given to those who live in the 19th Congressional District since I want to get to know my future constituents better.  If there is enough interest in it, I will make 2 trips:   one trip for English speakers and the other one for Vietnamese speakers.